Dear ICF-friend,

Every year the Protestant Church (PKN) organizes a fund-raising campaign known as Kerkbalans aimed at raising money for all activities of the church. As ICF we wish to play our part and make our contribution to this project.

In the past years we have been supported as pioneering church to a large extent by donations from the PKN denomination, as well as the local PKN-church here in Gouda. We are grateful that we have become part of the Gouda church, to which we already feel closely connected. This does mean that we also have a responsibility to work together financially with the other local churches (wijkgemeenten) in PKN-Gouda in activities like:

  • Church services and celebrations like our own ICF services
  • Pastoral and practical help to people
  • Mission and evangelistic activities like Wouter and Tabea’s ministry
  • Activities for kids and youth
  • Maintenance and management of church-owned buildings, our use of the Ontmoetingskerk
  • ….and a lot more

These activities are paid for from all contributions to Kerkbalans, a kind of “subscription” for the church. This is in addition to the collections during church services that have their own purpose.

The brochure contains information about our church and the Kerkbalans fund-raising campaign. As leadership we want to encourage you to contribute financially in order that we will be able to continue our ministry and activities.

Because not everyone has been registered as ICF-member we will be using this unaddressed envelopes. This envelope contains a form on which you can indicate what you expect to be able to contribute. The return envelope with your pledge can be handed in during of the ICF services in the coming weeks.

United in Christ,

ICF Leadership Team.

Click on the button ‘Kerkbalans’for your contribution.

Presentatie Finance 2021

On January 17th we will present the finance from ICF-Gouda. Here you can find the presentation.