We are ICF

The ICF (International Christian Fellowship) has the vision to live in God’s presence and love and to make God’s desire for peace visible to this world. We want to follow Jesus by learning together and living together in the circumstances of our lives. The ICF also wants to be a church where God’s Word and God’s Welcome always sounds. The ICF Gouda wants to be a living community of faith and a healing community: a hospitable place in a broken world where men, women and children find salvation and healing to body, soul and spirit.

We are PKN

In September 2008 an international Alpha-course was started through the St. Janskerk. This course grew to the establishment of the ICF Gouda (International Christian Fellowship) in September 2009. When the ICF community grew, we were offered accommodation in one of the PKN buildings: the Ontmoetingskerk, located in Gouda East, the international district in Gouda! And we still feel at home there.

ICF Gouda is an independent Protestant community in Gouda. We maintain close ties of faith with the other seven district communities of the PKN in Gouda and receive warm support from them.

More information about the Protestant community in Gouda can be found on PKN Gouda.

We are international

ICF Gouda not only wants to be a community for new Dutch people, but especially a community of and by new Dutch people. Input from all cultures is very welcome and highly appreciated.

During the services you will taste the international character of the community. The church members come from all corners of the world. We may experience together that God’s love is not bound by borders or language.