Safe church and confidential counselors

Safe church and confidential counselors

The church should be a safe place. In fact, if you need to feel safe somewhere, it is within our own “ICF municipality”. The responsibility for that safety lies primarily with the leadership of the church. At the same time, each member is also responsible for safety within the congregation. Especially when it comes to children and adults in vulnerable situations.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse or transgressive behavior can also occur within church relationships. Sometimes obvious, but sometimes also very subtle because of a look, a comment or someone comes too emphatically close and thus crosses your boundary.
If you experience something unpleasant within the congregation, try to talk about it with someone you trust. As difficult as it can be to discuss this, don’t get stuck!

The confidential advisers are:

Herma Koopman: tel. 06-17067995
Pieter van Boven: tel: 06-17158195

An (anonymous) report can also be made to SMPR.

More information can be found at: Persons/

Corona virus and ICF meetings

On March 12, the Dutch government decided that all meetings with more than 100 people should be cancelled. That means that even Church services with more than 100 people cannot take place. For most of the churches in Gouda this has big consequences. Many of their services are cancelled. We as ICF-Gouda have usually less than 100 people who attend the services on Sunday. We have decided as ICF leadership team to let the meeting take place and not to cancel it. We are following the advices and instructions from the PKN. For their advice you can read in Dutch on their website.

In addition to the broadcast via Kerkomroep, we will also broadcast the service via Youtube so that you can also be connected at home to the ICF in Gouda .:

Almost the whole world is involved in the Corona crisis. There are a lot of worries and questions. But let us not lead by panic or fear. It is also good to follow the advices from our government and act wisely. I ask everyone to pray for our governors, people that work in health care or involved in the fight against the Corona virus. Pray also for the victims of the virus and the people who are affected by the decisions that are made to fight the virus.